The Air Jordan 11 Series at JD Sports and Their Famous Styles


One of the most famous footwear in the sneakers collection all over the world is the air Jordan 11. These are one of the most desirable footwear for men all around the world from the signature line of Michael Jordan’s collection. Michael Jordan is the famous basket player who is an all-rounder in the basketballs, star of the NBA, and also the second athlete to win Most Valuable Player award. He introduced his footwear line back in 1988 with Nike and is famous since then. If you are looking for Air Jordan 11, then the best place to purchase them is from JD sports. Not only do they have it in stock, but they also have it at a great price with the use of JD sports discount code.

The Famous Inspiration from Chicago Bulls

Air Jordan 11 is available in the range of 5 colors which doesn’t include their low cut silhouette design. The AJ11 was introduced in the mid-90s and has been famous ever since. They are still very much in fashion and have been styled in different ways over the years. The first and the very famous style of the Air Jordan 11 is the Bred. This was the first version that only had one staple color and was released in the year 1995. This style coordinated with the Chicago Bulls uniform which was Michael Jordan’s uniform back then. Had to JD sports and use the JD sports discount code to get this gorgeous black upper, white midsole with a hint of red color shoes and of course the iconic Jordan logo.

Concord and Space Jam

The second style which got famous in the year 200 from the AJ11 series was the concord. This sneaker had a dark concord patent leather on the upper base and had black contrasting details that went from the top and inner linings along with the famous jump man logo on top. This style was introduced in the year 2006 and has been famous since then. The third style, which is also the most sought after is the Space Jam version of the AJ11. This design was worn by Michael Jordan when he appeared in the movie Space Jam and then also in the NBA semifinals in the year 1996 however this design was released for public in the year 2001 and then 2009. The sneakers have a solid back color, with a white midsole and the famous logo near the ankle area. If you are a true MJ fan, then use the JD sports discount code to get your hands on the best AJ11 series at a reasonable price. These discount codes are available at

The Cool Grey

The fourth very famous style of the Air Jordan 11 series was the Cool Grey. As the name suggests, this style came in the color of grey with a white midsole and was introduced in the year 2001 and then reissues in the year 2008. If you are a true Michael Jordan fan and love collecting these gorgeous sneakers, then make sure to shop from JD sports so that you can avail of great prices with the use of JD sports discount code.

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