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Experienced bettors place their bets at bookmakers that offer higher odds than others. The correct approach to odds is one of the key factors in successful play against the bookmakers.

What types of bets to make to beat the bookmaker?

Each 메이저 사이트 player, especially if he is a beginner, wants to bet less and win more. In sports betting, you can increase the ratio of using types of bets express or system. It is more tempting to take 4 events with 2 odds in the express and win a bet at a total odds of 16 by betting one amount, than to bet 4 equal amounts on each of the events separately.

But this is an unprofessional approach. The more events are in the accumulator, the lower the probability of the bet becoming a winning one. It’s the same with systems. Ordinary- these are the most reliable bets, which are not influenced by anything outside. Professional bettors rarely use multiples or systems in their strategies, but even if there are multiples in their arsenal, they will have 2 or a maximum of 3 events. Newcomers to sports betting, usually from their own experience, come to the understanding that the reliability of single bets is more logical than the profitability of express trains and systems.

Forget about signs and premonitions

The results of sporting events are a logical outcome based on a host of real and understandable factors. If you want to beat the bookmaker, then forget about any ways to predict the outcome based on signs and intuition. If one player thinks that on a rainy Saturday his bet on an outsider to win has a high probability of winning, then there will always be a second player who follows the opposite sign and bets on the favorite what should the outsider and the favorite do in this case?

  • Some 안전 놀이터 players often place their bets based on the results of the round. For example, it is easy to believe in a large number of goals scored in the last match of the National Hockey League round, if the rest of the matches rarely scored 3-4 goals. But despite the results of other matches, the players of the teams, meeting in the last round, play their own game and it only depends on this how many goals they will score.
  • Therefore, even if your bet based on acceptance or premonition won, you should not make it into a strategy of “how to beat the bookmaker based on intuition”, because this is an accident that is likely to play against you over a long distance. A careful and detailed analysis of real factors that can affect the result will lead you to a much greater gain than predicting on intuition.

Buying predictions – be careful!

Now on the Internet you can find a lot of offers for the sale of sports predictions. Many sites, offering their predictions, “guarantee” that you can beat the bookmaker without any problems. Most of these sellers, who are called cappers or tipsters, are not worth the money spent on their predictions, but there are decent forecasters as well. Before buying one or a series of predictions from one of them, carefully study their past statistics, reviews about them, evaluate their success at a certain time of the season, compare the price of their predictions with others, make sure they are honest and, if possible, talk to them personally.

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