Why Is Skateboarding Banned In Public Places?



Skateboarding has been getting famous for the last few decades. There are many skate parks in the top cities of the world. It helps people relieve stress, strengthen their muscles, joints, heart and act as a workout. Despite all these features of skateboarding, it is still banned due to street skateboarders. In public places, skateboarding is a threat to the lives of the people and their assets.

This article will tell you the different reasons for the ban on skateboarding in public places. Let’s get started.

Why Is Skateboarding Banned In Public Places?

People have different fears about skateboarding; that is why they dislike skateboarding. There are the following reasons that skateboarding is banned in public places.

  1. Road Skateboarding

Undoubtedly, skateboarding is a prominent sport worldwide, and the professionals participate in the competitions and show their skills. But most of the non-professional skaters go on skating on the road. They are even doing it in the streets. They can disturb the traffic that can lead to accidents. The governments have strictly prohibited skateboarding in public parks and on the roads. But due to negligence, it is completely banned in public places.

  • Damage to Lives and Assets

Those who carry on the skateboarding of the rods and streets do not inform anyone. The people can come accidentally in front of them and can get injured. When the skateboarders go on the road for skateboarding, they might damage the people’s vehicles. In different countries, people file complaints about skateboarders when they have an accident with them. So this is one of the reasons to ban skateboarding.

  • Kid Skating

Another big reason for the ban on skateboarding is that even the kids do skateboard without proper guidance. They disturb the pedestrians, and that means kids skateboarders are a danger for others. So, to keep the lives of the pedestrians safe from these skateboarders. Parents should make sure that them kids have best skateboards in order to be safe.

  • Frequent Injuries

The people who do skateboarding to relax their minds and keep themselves fit can do it in public places. The people fall and get injured because they do not wear protective gear. The most common injuries are of the head, face and wrist. Head injuries can lead to losing a life. So to keep the lives of the skateboarder’s safe, a ban becomes essential. They can only skate in the places where they work under professionals and by wearing pads, gloves, helmets, etc. and can get the doctors immediately after injuries for first aid.

  • Technical Issues

Skateboarding is not a safe sport to be moved on the roads. It would be best if you had proper lights on your track. That is not possible. It is the reason that the cities dedicate parks for skateboarding where the people can go and enjoy. You have to use a board that contains lights and reflectors so that pedestrians and drivers can identify you to avoid accidents and injuries. Being non-professional skateboarders, people go on the rods with their skateboards without having the required technical instruments. It is why skateboarding is banned in public places.

Bottom Line

Skateboarding is no doubt a great way to show skills, remain fit and is a recognized sport. But it has different demerits that lead to a ban on it. The foremost reason for a ban on skateboarding in public places is that skateboarders do not care about pedestrians and vehicles.

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