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Over the years, observing, experience and learning you see situations in gyms that should not occur, all due to pseudo monitors who instead of renewing their outdated ideas, methods and concepts of training, remain stagnant and the They defend like a belly-up cat, whether they are right or wrong. It is what they have learned.


  1. Leave the isolation exercises aside, they do not create big muscles, although the magazines say otherwise. Leave them for trimming times and no more. How one of my teachers said: “first create a large granite block and then sculpt it”
  2. Work with multi-joint exercises , by working the large muscle masses you increase your strength, which is inversely proportional to the size of your muscles and you will burn more fat, even at rest. The body is a set of muscle that works in synergy.
  3. Forget about forearm work , the only thing you will get over time is to provoke tendinitis. I remind you that tendinitis is formed or arises with forearm grasp and flexion-extension work, eye with long supinator. Never do dumbbell spins.
  4. As my mother and all say: “what does not happen in life, happens in a second” , all the aforementioned leads you to this phrase, injuries come from use and abuse, which has not happened to you today does not mean that it does not happened in one or more years.
  5. Forget about the leg raises , I am sorry to tell you but that abdominal area cannot be worked, the only thing you will get is to shorten the psoas. You can now burn a few magazines and articles on the abs.
  6. Work your abs with weight
  7. Strengthens the core, the abdominal-lumbar region, the entire “belt” that protects your back in exercises such as the squat or deadlift .
  8. Work intensely until muscle failure , that is the only way to get results, there is no other.
  9. Don’t neglect your technique in favor of lifting more weight, ever .
  10. Squat and deadlift works not pay any attention to the monitors (I know some) who tell you that you can create some great legs with the  leg .- extension . The first are exercises in which you work the whole body, even the eyelashes. You will increase in size all the muscles, you will burn more fat and you will surprisingly improve your glutes .
  11. It increases in each session , it does not matter whether it is in a repetition or one kilo more, but it increases do not stagnate.
  12. If you don’t get it, you better go home, rest and come back two days later. A timely withdrawal is a victory.
  13. Rest well
  14. Train up to three days a week, as long as you continue to recover and can continue to do a little more in each session, then reduce to two.
  15. Try that your training oscillates between 45 and maximum 120 minutes (the latter if you work the force)
  16. Work the force .
  17. Diet is most of the work, if you neglect your diet it does not matter how you train … MIND YOURSELF , not even the best coach will take much advantage of you.
  18. Do a periodized training
  19. Do some aerobic, but if you pass . The best time is fasting since your body has been without food for about 8 hours and will draw fats. If you do it on an empty stomach, low intensity.
  20. Take proper supplementation .

These are a few pretty important points, whether you want to gain muscle or you want to lose fat .

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