Mini golf game that is fun to play


Golf is an open field game that involves a lot of moving around and a lot of decision-making as to the right clubs to use to get the ball into the hole in the typical 18-hole golf course. The game of golf is a passion for some, while others practice reaching the professional level. Now, how about enjoying golf without having to make it complicated, yet enjoy it thoroughly? Let us see how?

Mini golf – What is it?

Mini golf, unlike regular golf, is a fun sport that is enjoyed by people of all age groups and abilities. The game plan involves hitting the ball from a tee-off point to a hole with a minimum number of shots. The fun element lies in mini golf game ideas that involve introducing a variety of tricky and interesting obstacles that would make the game joyful and memorable. Playing mini-golf with your friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other group or teams would no doubt be interesting and exciting. This is in trend now, and an increasing number of people opt to hold parties with a mini-golf theme.

Preparing for a mini-golf game

When you are thinking of organizing a mini-golf game party or a tournament you have got to follow the steps involved to ensure that the event is as exciting and fun-filled for all the participants as it is for you. The steps include


Choosing the course

You could go ahead and use the mini-golf course if you have one in your yard. But, otherwise, there are several mini-golf courses that you can choose from. Each one of them features a different theme and is set up in attractive locations. This is to ensure that the participants do not get bored while playing the mini-golf game. You have indoor and outdoor courses as well. It is prudent to choose the course that you want to be based on the number of members who would be joining you, their age group, their interests, etc.

Inviting the players or guests

This is the next step. You could send an invite by passing on the message or send a Facebook to invite the people you want. However, you could go creative and make cards that are designed like the golf ball to invite people to the event. Any other card idea that is related to the mini golf theme would be welcome as well.

Organizing teams

Once you have all come together, you would have to form teams. It could be left to the choice of the participants or the host could decide the team members by having them pick up lots. A team scorer also needs to be arranged to keep a tab on the scores.

Deciding on the start

There are at least two different options when it comes to deciding how to start the game. It could be a tee time option where a team is given a definite tee-time, or you could follow a hot-gun option where every group gets to start from a different hole reducing the waiting time involved. This is the time you start implementing the funny mini golf game ideas you have made up such as

  • Play the ball to the hole using the left hand
  • Face backwards and putt the ball over your head to the hole
  • Guide the ball holding the club like a pool cue
  • Guide the ball close to the hole but do not put it in (in just two strokes)

So on and so forth.

Prize distribution and golf-themed snacks would make the mini-golf event exciting and memorable. There are ample ways to make the game interesting with new and innovative ideas that you can come up with as challenges for playing each hole.

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