Manchester United Fans Threaten to Boycott Commercial Partners of the Club amid Glazer Protests



A group of fans of Manchester United has written an open letter to the club protesting against the club’s ownership. 

Protest against Glazer Ownership

The fans of Manchester United have recently called all the supporters to join them in carrying out their boycott against the commercial partners of the club. 

The Manchester United fans have called for support protesting against the Glazer ownership. 

Protests at Old Trafford

The fans seem to be extremely unhappy and angry about the latest announcement of Glazer’s ownership. 

The fans’ protests are growing very aggressive and are growing larger in size. One of the most recent protests carried out by the fans of the Manchester United club was at Old Trafford. 

In addition to Old Trafford, the fans even recorded their protest at the Lowry Hotel. This was the hotel where both teams; Liverpool and Manchester United were based for their Premier League clash. 

The match was set to take place on Sunday but had to be called off due to the protests being recorded by the players. 

Open Letter to the Club

Now, an open letter has been published and sent over to the club by a group of fans unhappy with the Glazer ownership. 

In the letter, the fans have called for support to boycott all the partners of the club. They have demanded that the club must disconnect itself from the Glazer family. 

Manchester United’s Partners

The fans have warned the club that they will extend their protest to their partners. At present, Manchester United has ties with 23 partners. 

The fans have warned that they will build a strong unity in boycotting all the brands and companies that are currently partners of Manchester United. 

The open letter is very straightforward and has warned the partners to cut ties with the Glazer family. The letter states that all their products and services will be boycotted if they do not comply with their demand. 

The Fans’ Concerns with the Glazer Family

The fans are of the strong view that the money generated by the club and provided by the partners will be used by the Glazer family for their own business purposes. 

The letter states that the money will be used to offer dividends and debit servicing to people. 

The sponsorship money paid to the club will not be directed to or dedicated to the club at all. As per them, the money paid to the club will go directly towards the personal or business investments of the Glazer family.

For now, the incident that took place in Sunday’s match is still being investigated. The Manchester United club is in contact with the Football Association, the Greater Manchester Police, the Premier League, and other local authorities to deal with the situation.

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