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The gestures of the referees in football are mysterious and foggy for the vast majority of fans, as well as novice players. But their knowledge is necessary to enter the site, because hearing the referee is almost impossible. Having only a whistle and hands in the arsenal, the referee’s gestures in football are limited to a couple of dozen movements. The use of 해외축구중계 broadcast is important here.

The gestures of the chief referee in football include the following:

  • a hand raised above the head up means a free kick
  • if the judge purposefully goes to the player, holding up any card high, then be removed or warned
  • a hand rising at an angle of 45 degrees and the side reports a blow from the side line
  • extended to shoulder level, palm down indicating a certain side, be a free kick
  • lifting to the side, facing the player means to be a corner kick, and if the same action is directed in front of you, then this is a throw from the goal
  • Advantage is indicated by two arms extended forward

The gestures of a side judge in football are due to the presence of a flag in his hands. Its location determines the action. If the flag is clamped with both hands and is above the head this is a replacement, if one is offside. 

And its type of position depends on the height of the flag raising

It is slightly retracted from the torso in the nearby part of the field, and if it forms a right angles in front of it in the central half of the field. Lateral extension of the hand means a throw-in. Of course, the gestures of a football referee are somewhat more than described here. But if you know the basic ones, then you have the right to be a full-fledged participant in any match.

How many referees are in football?

During the match, in addition to the players, you can notice a lot of staff, including referees. And invariably tormented by the question, how many referees are in football? There are not so many people on the court three referees judge all football. These include the chief referee and two assistant football referees. 

  • The first is fully responsible for refereeing in football, the rest are responsible for complying with the rules and approve the final decision in case of contentious issues. The main task of the assistant referee on the football field is to determine the offside position. For the quality performance of his work, he must move along the edge. For which he received his second name the side referee in football.

The Additional Factors

In addition to the main one, an additional refereeing squad consisting of a substitute referee and an assistant football referee will be displayed on some games. In especially important matches, the presence of additional assistant referees in football, which are located outside the goal, is allowed. These people are called upon to replace the judge in the event of injury to any of the main staff. Also, the reserve referee in football controls the behavior of the coaching staff during the game, and brings signs with extra time.