In volleyball, teams score a point whenever the ball touches the floor. Naturally, defenders do everything possible to prevent this from happening. They chase after the ball wherever it goes and dive if they have to. The knees can take a beating with this demanding activity given all of the direction changes and the friction against the ground. It is essential for the players to wear protective equipment such as volleyball knee pads. These are made of fabric and foam with a hole at the middle to slide it up the legs. Below are some of their most important parameters and places to get volleyball knee pads:


There needs to be adequate padding at the front of the knee joint to protect the caps from scrapes, bumps, and bruises. This will lessen the impact felt by the player and make it possible to go on as is nothing happened. This will also provide the confidence that one needs to go after the ball even in awkward positions. Without padding, an athlete may have that costly split second of hesitation due to worries about possible wounds or injuries.

Range of Motion

The amount of cushioning must be balanced with the need to have a wide range of motion. The pad can’t be too thick that the person wearing it can’t even bend their knees properly. The material should be firm but not stiff. Some manufacturers have one single pad while others have segmented padding to help with bending, especially at the front. This strategy also allows them to enlarge the coverage area without compromising mobility. You can try these different designs to see which one works best for you.

Moisture Handling

The fact that the knees will be covered by fabric and foam means that this area of the body will be hotter than usual. The skin is likely to sweat a lot so the pads must be able to deal with the moisture. Many have thinner fabrics at the back to improve breathability. The fabrics may also have moisture-wicking properties which enable them to draw out the sweat and have it air dry on the outer layer. This can provide an additional evaporative cooling effect.

Stable Grip

The fabric should be constructed with an elastic material that can stretch just the right amount to allow ease of use without getting too loose while in play. The volleyball knee pads need to have good grip on the skin despite sweating in this area. Of course, it should not be so restrictive that it prevents blood circulation. Some brands will offer this product in different sizes so that players can choose a circumference that works best for their legs. Check the size chart for reference.

Wear and Tear

Volleyball players at a high level tend to practice at least twice a day with several hours for each session. They do this almost every day of the week so it really takes a toll not just on their bodies but also their equipment. Go for the best brands with a known reputation for quality and durability to remove worries about wear and tear. These should last longer than cheaper options.

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