5 Reasons to Attend the CONIFA World Cup


CONIFA world cup is a football world cup that is organized by The Confederation of Independent Football Association. It is an association of the stateless people, minorities, and regions that are unaffiliated by FIFA. It started in 2014 in it is held every two years. This is regarded as the successor of the VIVA world cup that was held from 2006 to 2012.

The CONIFA World Cup enables the sub-national people, the ethnic minorities and the stateless entities to play football on an international level. It is not always possible to hold this event in a territory years after years. That’s why CONIFA describes the host country as the leader who leads the association.

There are several reasons behind starting the CONIFA after the huge success of the VIVA. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to attend the event.

The Top Five Quick Reasons to Attend the CONIFA World Cup:

  1. It works like a bridge. It brings people together without any discrimination. The overlooked people of all cast, Creed, and religion come together and show the meaning of integration and fraternity.
  2. The CONIFA represents the people of the minority class. So there is no typical political agenda. Even the members also rise above the dirty politics and allow everyone to represent themselves.
  3. There is no England or Germany or even Brazil competing against each other. You won’t have to panic about the date of these beloved teams because they won’t be there. It will allow you to watch a tension-free football of Tibet or Cascadia.
  4. The beauty of the CONIFA is that it allows you to explore new football teams like Cascadia or Padania or Barawa.
  5. You will get to know about the geopolitical issues of every participating country. Immediately will become intellectual after encountering such issues live.

This event is growing famous very fast. But they can’t hang on to their last success, they need to look forward. According to the experts, the future looks bright of CONIFA. The president of this association admits that it has just started it’s a journey and when it will reach the stage of financial stability then they will plan for their next targets. It comes for 10-12 days in every 2nd year and gives us an immense sense of pleasure. We can call it the unity in diversity, there won’t any argument about it.

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